domingo, 22 de julio de 2012

Path to Enlightenment

Don't let yourself fall into the idea that masters, avatars, teachers or guides etc. do not struggle. The seldom recognized story of Buddha is that he was visited over and over again by Mara with his same old "tricks and trappings" AFTER his enlightenment. The seldom recognized story of Christ is that when he returned to his homeland to teach, his family and townsmen rejected him at first. Enlightenment is not a state of perfection after which no negative thing can be experienced. No teacher or avatar is giving you advice from a place of 24-7 perfection. No good teacher is giving you advice as if to say "see.... it is so easy why can't you do what I can do?" The truth is committing to a life of spirituality and personal expansion isn't easy for ANYONE! But once we all acknowledge that instead of expect perfection 24-7 from ourselves and others, we can come back to the real practice. The real practice is making the best choice, living up to our true selves in this very moment according to our own internal guidance system. This true practice never changes. Not if you're just starting and not if you're considered a "master". As a teacher, the only thing you can really do "right" is to offer information that could help a person to do just that.

_Teal Scott_

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